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What toothbrush is the best?

As you are browsing the oral hygiene isle at your local Target you may feel a little overwhelmed with the toothbrush options that are available.  The most important thing to remember when shopping for a new toothbrush is to buy one with soft or extra soft bristles.  Anything harder can wear away your tooth structure.  An electric toothbrush is a great option as well.  These are especially helpful for kids or the elderly that may have trouble with their hand coordination while using a toothbrush.

The following are a couple of our favorites:


You Need A Deep Cleaning? What does that mean?

Were you recently told you need a deep cleaning?

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and a regular cleaning and how do you benefit from this procedure? 

A deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing,  is when your hygienist will go below your gum line to clean the root surface where your toothbrush and flossing can’t reach. 


Six Month Braces


Did you know we offer adult six month braces?  You can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in an average treatment time of 6 months! We use all tooth colored brackets and wires for better esthetics!