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Six Month Braces

Did you know we offer adult six month braces?  You can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in an average treatment time of 6 months! We use all tooth colored brackets and wires for better esthetics!  

Oral Appliances for the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Have you been diagnosed with Snoring or Sleep Apnea?? Had a hard time using your CPAP? We work closely with our local sleep physicians to offer you an effective alternative! We have successfully treated many patients who couldn’t tolerate their CPAP! Take care of your health and give us a call today! 320-251-2972

Why are my teeth so sensitive?

Why are my teeth so sensitive? Gum disease is a very common problem we see in patients.  Some patients have mild gingivitis that can be corrected with proper brushing and flossing.  Others experience more complicated problems such as gum recession and bone loss.  It is very common with gum recession to experience mild to severe […]

Crown Tattoos

Have you ever wanted to add a little personality to your dental work?  We recently had a patient request a tattoo for the crown that she had done.  Adding some music notes to her crown was such a neat idea!