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Are Root Canals Painful?

Most patients are surprised by how easy and pain free the root canal procedure is.  Dentists have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to getting the tooth completely numb to ensure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. If there was an abcess on the tooth prior to starting the root […]

Which toothbrush is the best?

As you are browsing the oral hygiene isle at your local Target you may feel a little overwhelmed with the toothbrush options that are available.  The most important thing to remember when shopping for a new toothbrush is to buy one with soft or extra soft bristles.  Anything harder can wear away your tooth structure.  […]

Implants or Bridges – What is right for me?

A common problem that patients present with  is a missing tooth.  Most patients have heard of implants or bridges but just don’t know what is the best treatment to choose.  First it is important to understand why filling the missing space is so important to the health and stability of your teeth. “Can’t I just […]