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What should I do If I fall down and loosen or knock out my teeth?

People have accidents, especially the  elderly or athletes.   Its also more common this time of year with all of the snow and ice that can accumulate on sidewalks.  If you fall and hit your front teeth, its important to give us a call right away, especially if the tooth has been knocked out. One of our dentists will examine your teeth and take any necessary x-rays. Loose teeth can have fractures, or can be moved into a different position, both of which conditions require treatment. Also some patients can have jaw fractures which require prompt treatment as well.

If an accident occurs and any teeth have been knocked out completely please call us first before visiting an emergency room as long as no other life threatening injuries have taken place.  This is important because some teeth can be re-implanted and saved if treatment is started quickly.   If there are any cuts on the face or lips that might require stitches and no teeth have been knocked out, a visit to the emergency room should probably be completed first before calling our office.

It may be necessary to bond the loose teeth together to help splint them until they firm up  again. Also if a jaw fracture is diagnosed, a trip to an oral specialist could be required.  Although a general dentist may diagnose a fractured jaw, most end up referring patients with a possible fractured jaw to  an oral surgeon since they  are usually the most qualified to provide treatment for jaw fractures.