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Before and Afters of a recent case

This patient received two new bridges on his front teeth.  The bridges he had were fitting poorly with open margins that were starting to decay.  The incisal edges of the previous bridges did not line up well, the shade was too bright for the patient and the teeth just didn’t look very life-like.  In two appointments we were able to provide a great service to this patient by creating a much healthier smile that was also more esthetically pleasing!


Chad K 2


Chad K


What exactly is a bridge?



A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth.  It crowns the two adjacent teeth and bridges a false tooth in between.   A bridge can be a great alternative to an implant especially if:

You are not a candidate for implants due to health or other reasons

The two adjacent teeth have existing crowns that need to be replaced

There is a current bridge in place that needs to be replaced

The two adjacent teeth would benefit from being crowned

Time constraints limit your ability to restore with implants