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How clean is your toothbrush?



The “toothbrush” has been used for thousands of years. “Chew sticks,” bone, wood, and ivory were all used as a means to keep the teeth clean in the past. The bristled toothbrush that we use now was invented in 1938.

Your toothbrush may not be as clean as you think.  Here are some ways to keep that toothbrush clean:

1) Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months.  Children’s toothbrushes often need to be changed more often.  If the bristles are splayed earlier than 3-4 months the toothbrush should be changed as it won’t clean as effectively.


2) Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after brushing.


3) Store your toothbrush upright to allow for faster drying preventing bacteria to build up.


4) Keep your toothbrush out in the open.  Keeping it in an enclosed area will keep it moist longer allowing more bacteria to grow


5) Don’t share toothbrushes



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