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How often should I be brushing my teeth with braces?

Some patients wonder if brushing once or twice a day is enough if they have braces.  Some patients wonder if they can skip brushing all together and use other tools such as a waterpic. The fact is that it is even more important during orthodontic treatment to brush well and we recommend brushing and flossing at least two times per day.

Most patients can’t wait to get their braces off so they can have a better smile and are disappointed to find that there are white spots covering their teeth. These spots occur because their dental hygiene was not adequate during their orthodontic treatment and their enamel started to break down, its similar to scars being formed in the enamel.
It can be challenging for patients to keep their teeth clean while in braces, but proper and thorough brushing is really important and a waterpik, does a poor job of removing all of the plaque like a toothbrush would. Teeth with braces have brackets and a wire that is attached. When brushing these, a patient should orient the brush bristles at a 45 degree angle , with the bristles pointed to the bracket edges. This means that the patient has to point The brush up and down for each tooth in order to clean around their brackets. We also recommend using proxi-brushes to get a more thorough clean in those harder to reach spots between brackets.
Our St. Cloud Dentist office currently offers discounted 3 month cleanings and flouride treatment for patient’s in braces.