Persona Dental - Sartell MN Dentist

What technology does Persona Dental have to offer?

We strive to keep up with the latest technology that is available today in order to best serve our patients.

We have all digital xrays installed. This provides many benefits to our patients including:

  • Increased comfort
  • over 75% less radiation exposure than conventional xrays.  The radiation is actually so minimal that you are exposed to less than if you were just outside walking down the sidewalk!
  • easier to see and diagnose cavities
  • easier for patients to see and understand treatment that is needed


Below you can see an example of how easy it is to point out where cavities are when we have digital xrays




We also use Diagnodent laser cavity detection.  This awesome technology offers us a great way to find cavities that can’t be detected by xrays before they are visible to the dentist.  By using the Diagnodent we are able to keep our filling very small which decreases you risk of getting cracks in the teeth and needing crowns in the future!

Below is a picture of what the Diagnodent looks like and how it works:




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